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The Shipwreck Treasure Museum is open 7 days a week - Tickets on sale online now!


Shipwreck Treasure Museum Tickets – Quiet Sessions

Quiet Sessions first Wednesday of every month from 4th May 2022

Join us after hours for a Quiet Session at Shipwreck Treasure Museum

We will be opening our doors for a special afterhours session that allows people with sensory difficulties to enjoy our exhibits without the noise and crowds

Pre-booked arrivals will be welcomed in from 16:30, with last entry at 17:00. The session will continue until our extended closing time at 18:00.

How we’ll make the museum more comfortable:

  • Less Crowds: We’ll be pre-booking only, so won’t have the usual day time rush and we won’t host any talks or tours during this time
  • Sounds: We will reduce all sound to the bare minimum and turn off all speakers
  • Screens: All screens and projectors will be turned off
  • Seating: We’ll have some seating available in the centre of the museum to allow for breaks. You can bring drinks, although we ask not to bring food
  • Map: We’ll give out a map with sensory notes on entry
  • Flexible routes: We will not have any enforced one-way systems during this session. Allowing you to skip spaces or return to areas so you can tailor your visit to individual needs
  • Visor/Defender Positive: All customers are fully welcome to bring any ear defenders, glasses, and any other sensory protective equipment they may require

The Museum lighting can be quite bright and has some stimulating areas. Our sensory map will warn of spaces with bright or dim lighting with red markings for any moving/flashing lights. We’ll turn down as much as we can as well as turning off as much effect lighting as possible (Some lighting is fixed, and cannot be adjusted, please contact us for any additional information)

Our site is accessible, however due to the age of the building and the layout of the tunnels there are some areas that are not suitable for electric wheelchairs and some buggies and scooters.  We offer limited availability Buggy parking within our reception area.

Shipwreck Treasure Museum – Quiet Sessions

This event is for people with autism and other sensory needs and their families, although we do welcome anyone who feels they may benefit from the more relaxed session, we just ask all guests to be considerate of other’s needs. Due to the range of sensory needs of other families attending this event, we cannot guarantee that the museum will be quiet throughout the evening.

Adult Ticket (Over 18)– £12.50
Child Ticket (5 – 17)– £8.00
Under 5’s – FREE
RGS Members – £8.00

Please read the Terms and Conditions before booking.

Please note: the number of tickets remaining on each time slot applies to individual tickets only.

You may be refused entry if you do not arrive within your specified time slot.

The historic tunnels beneath the Shipwreck Treasure Museum are not accessible to wheelchairs and mobility scooters. However, the museum itself and the Shackleton’s Legacy exhibition are wheelchair friendly.



Quiet Sessions first Wednesday of every month from 4th May 2022