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The Shipwreck Treasure Museum is now closed - we look forward to welcoming you back in the Spring!


Charlestown Underground

Unfortunately, due to the confined nature of the tunnels, Charlestown Underground is not currently open. We have exciting plans for the tunnels in the future, so look out for updates later this year!

Carved out from Cornwall’s landscape and shipped around the globe, China clay has a real tale to tell. From soil to space, step into tunnels to uncover a different side to Charlestown...

See beneath the surface in our historic tunnels and learn where China clay comes from, moving from mine to harbour in an immersive underground experience.

Travel in time and brave the sights and sounds of the the clay trade. Hear miners tell their story and meet the characters that made Charlestown – the merchants first arriving by sail, the families that made their home here, and the award-winning filmmakers making magic here today.

From paper, to toothpaste, to space. Cornwall’s most precious cargo has ended up all over the world.

Follow its journey with us.