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Charlestown on Film

Star of television and movie screen, Charlestown harbour has been a canvas for yesterday's world, a door to imaginary places and a hero in many a tale. Explore our exhibition of Charlestown on film and glimpse behind the scenes...

Poldark lovers and film fans will have the chance to get a fascinating glimpse behind the scenes as part of a unique photographic exhibition at the Shipwreck Treasure Museum. Over the past 40 years Charlestown has become one of the most popular filming locations in Cornwall. With its resident tall ships, working harbour and grade II listed granite quays, it poses the perfect filming location for period and costume dramas, war sagas and love stories.

To date, over 100 TV programmes and films have made use of the iconic architecture which has starred in popular dramas such as Dr Who, Taboo and Mansfield Park. The harbour hasn’t gone unnoticed by Hollywood either, with Charlestown appearing in films such as Alice in Wonderland, Rebecca, The Three Musketeers and Treasure Island.

Among the film and television stars to have walked the harbour’s cobbles are; Helena Bonham-Carter, Joseph Fiennes, Karen Gillan, Tom Hardy, Sam Neill, Charlie Sheen, Matt Smith, Eleanor Tomlinson, Aidan Turner and Mia Wasikowski.

Images displayed in the exhibition have been captured by Paul Williams who was recognised by Nikon UK as the world’s most published photographer in 2018.

​You can find out more about filming in Charlestown Harbour here.