What will you discover?


Life and loss at sea. The lure of the search. The reveal of the find. The Shipwreck Treasure Museum in Charlestown is a museum of peril and possibility, where a seabed of salvaged stories waits to be explored.


Discover 8,000 finds from over 150 shipwrecks. Marvel at the only intact barrel of coins ever recovered from a wreck. There are gold bullion bars, ingots of copper, ship surgeon’s medicine bottles, barnacled tea sets, corroded cutlery, stacks of cannon balls and once-deadly shells and shot!


Look deeper and you’ll see the story of people, who sailed with those objects on the high seas. You’ll feel the ambition, expertise and bravery of the divers who seek to recover treasures from below the waves.


After delving into the Museum’s treasures, the Charlestown Underground tunnels beckon. Deep below the museum itself, this winding maze of passages is steeped in heritage and atmosphere. Listen to the water trickling, take each turn as it comes and discover what part China Clay has to play in Charlestown’s history.


The stories behind over 100 Hollywood films and popular TV series which have been filmed at Charlestown are revealed in the fascinating photographic gallery; Charlestown on Film. From Alice in Wonderland and Bait to Dr Who and Poldark.


Come on… Dive in!

To protect the safety of our visitors and staff, the Shipwreck Treasure Museum will be temporarily closed until further notice in accordance with Government guidelines.

We wish to thank all of you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you when we open again.

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Shipwreck Treasure Museum, Quay Road, Charlestown, St. Austell, Cornwall PL25 3NJ
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